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The Hands Behind The Tile

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Find out why handmade matters and learn more about the artists behind the art tile. See how your purchase supports to the preservation of history, the future of art in the community, and more.

Saving Lives and Saving Lakes joins Tiles for Tails

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Through our Tiles For Tails program, each cat tile sold donates $1 to kitties in need at our local Ferndale Catfe

For our Saving Lives program, each dog tile sold donates $1 to P.A.D.'s for Parkinson's, a groundbreaking research group dedicated to training dogs to detect Parkinson's.

We love our Great Lakes and are committed to preserve them.  Every Destination tile sold that represents a place or town in the whole Great Lakes watershed donates $1 to The Alliance for the Great Lakes.

 Learn more about Art Tiles For Tales, Saving Lives, Saving Lakes and see the many ways we strive to benefit our community and world.

Welcome Home

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Enriching a community begins with its members, and joining that community often begins with a real estate agent. Location art tiles celebrate the places people call home, elevating their importance with art. Are you a real estate agent with a Welcome Home postcard? Please click "Realtors" below and enter your password. (*Please use all caps, thank you!*)