Frog Floral 4x4

Frog Floral 4x4


At Whistling Frog Tile Company, we understand the importance of preserving our resources. With our Earth's materials depleting, we aim to minimize our impact through the mindful practices we use in our business.

 All of our clay and glazes are hand crafted by us using sustainable practices. LED lighting for the studio, water recycling, scrap clay and scrap glaze materials are captured and reprocessed.

  We up-cycle packing supplies, office stationary and transport bins.

The carbon produced by commute to the studio?  None.  Live/Work spaces are instrumental in reducing a carbon footprint.

Additionally, we love our natural world and spread awareness and appreciation through motifs including Michigan wildflowers, endangered species, and treasured freshwater lakes.  Find them featured on individual tiles and the in the landscapes of the Destination series.

We believe that paying attention and being mindful of business practices is what the world needs now. We thank you for your support.

Cat fence moon 4x4

Cat fence moon 4x4


Preserving the Great Lakes is important to everyone in America.  $1 from each sale of every Destination tile in the Great Lakes watershed region is donated to The Alliance for the Great Lakes.

michigan nature assc.png

Safe spaces for nature to thrive.  These havens are used by migrating species and are important for all nature enthusiasts.  All of our Botanical tiles sold donate to the Michigan Nature Association.  Each and every tile makes a difference in the lives of the things that burble, chirp, and buzz in these spaces.  

For every dog tile sold, we donate $1 to P.A.D.'s for Parkinson's.  This research group trains detection dogs.  We know that our furry friends love to help. Now they're on their way to helping save lives.

For Every 4x4 & 6x6" Critter tile, we donate $1 to the The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. Little tiles matter too.  They chip in thirty-three cents each time they go to a new home.

Letters, numbers and figurative tiles all designate their donations to land here, Our beautiful Dia, which features free admission to residents of the tri-county area. Thanks Dia!

All Rick's Urban Industrial designs, letters, numbers and figurative tiles split their donations between our beautiful DIA, and the enriching Ferndale Public Library. The visual arts and literature are of equal import to us.

The DIA features free admission to all residents of the tri-county area.  Thanks DIA, for enriching everyone's lives.

For the library we offer funding for the non-fiction audio book collection. It's our way to give back to the place that keeps our artist minds connected to the newest ideas and the greatest scholars by way of audio books. Thanks FPL for always being free.

Tonya sculpts Mackinac

Tonya sculpts Mackinac

Preserving History

We understand the importance of preserving our past for a richer tomorrow. Through our art, we are able to continue the traditions and techniques of the ceramic arts. 

We create a variety of tile designs depicting historical locations, native species and traditional sculpting styles. Each historical tile is crafted by us to include elements vital to preserving it's past.   

Tile restoration projects include the historic Spanish Court in the Detroit Institute of Arts, storefront Art Deco tile restoration in Eastern Market, Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, Massachusetts, and the Albert Khan designed Franklin Hills Country Club. 

If your organization would like a custom commemorative tile, we’re available for commission projects and would enjoy speaking with you.

The Tile Heritage Foundation has added us to their monumental hand-print wall project. View their workshop video here. We appreciate their preservation of ceramic history.